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Margaret Walker

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Bipolar Awareness Colour Run Team


Hi there,
We have decided to make a difference by taking part in The Color Run and raising money for NeuRA.
Please support our efforts by making a secure online donation and a message of support.
We would also really appreciate it if you could 'Like' and share our pages above or comment below so more people know about it.  
Click 'Donate Now' to make a secure online donation and help us reach our target. We would welcome any contribution, great or small, that you could make!
Thanks so much for your support!

Many families throughout Australia and the rest of the world live daily with Bipolar Disorder. 

Bipolar disorder is an illness that affects around 1% of the Australian population. Without treatment it can be debilitating, although those living with bipolar can lead successful and fulfilling lives by managing their condition. Bipolar disorder is classified as a mood (or affective) disorder and is characterised by extreme swings in mood.

While we don’t know what causes bipolar disorder, we believe it has a biological basis.

NeuRA are currently working on identifying the genetic causes of bipolar disorder by recruiting families with bipolar disorder. So far, they have identified two susceptibility genes which they believe increase a person’s risk in developing bipolar disorder.


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Bipolar Awareness Colour Run Team

$73 of $500 target

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    Neuroscience Research Australia Foundation

    Neuroscience Research Australia is changing the face of research into neurological diseases. NeuRA is recognised for its exceptional research in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, and other dementias, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, spinal and child injury, Motor Neurone Disease, stroke, falls, autism, sleep apnoea and chronic pain.

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    Margaret Walker

    for Neuroscience Research Australia Foundation

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    $0 of $500 target

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    $73 of $500 target

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